About Angie

A parent, an educator, a parent coach

Angie Poulos photoI know through my own experiences and challenges the rewards parenting can bring. My husband and I are proud of our four sons and two daughters, ages 20 through 40, including one set of twins. We are also blessed with six grandchildren. We raised a son with developmental disabilities, learning to navigate the educational system, and watching him grow into a happy, well-adjusted, and independent adult. I understand, from an intimate perspective, special needs children and the added stress this brings to families. I am certified by the American Montessori Society with 28 years of teaching experience. I have worked with hundreds of children and their parents, helping them to bring joy, life, energy and satisfaction to their parenting, while honoring and respecting their many differences. My strongest goal and my passion is the welfare of children. I am dedicated to helping each child to reach his/her highest potential by supporting parents and families through close parent-coach relationships. I am a mother, an educator, and a friend to parents.

I continue to discover new sources of strength and inspiration from coaching parents. The PCI (Parent Coaching Institute) model of parent coaching is my “true calling.” It offers creativity, integrity, and hope, while affirming parents and supporting families. I honor and respect parents who reach out for guidance, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be of service. I invite you to join me on a parenting journey. If I positively affect one life, I’ve achieved success.

The child’s parents are not his makers but his guardians.
Maria Montessori

Be Your Best

My philosophy can be summed up in the phrase “Be your best,” and a successful parent/coach partnership can help you be your best.