What is a Parent Coach?

A parent coach is a trained family support professional who forms a partnership with parents, developing a relationship through close, non-judgmental listening, and by showing compassion, empathy, respect, and caring. The coach leads the parent on a journey of discovery– uncovering strengths and internal resources that can transform relationships and bring hope and peace to the family.

Through steady observations, bold questions, and new information, the coach can guide the parent to identify what is currently working in the family, designing constructive approaches and strategies for attaining new and effective goals. Parents who have a supportive relationship with a parent coach can affect their child’s social development and ability to manage the harmful effects of stress–helping the child to be less impulsive, and to make healthy decisions.

Listening is where love begins: listen to ourselves and then to our neighbors. Fred Rogers

Why a Parent Coach?

Children don’t come with an instruction manual. Sometimes friends or family are not available, or have no idea how to help. Sometimes a parent may need an objective listener. There are many reasons to consult a coach.

Are you concerned about the effects of the media on your children in the
fast-paced, high-tech world?
Are you always rushed or feeling guilty?
Are you lonely and longing to have more fun?
Has your “quality time” been reduced to watching your teen from the safety of the bleachers?
Are family dinners too often eaten in the car?
Are you confused by or feel intimidated by the reports from school?
Are you looking for peace and harmony at home?
Have you lost your enthusiasm?

How does Parent Coaching work?

I can help you rediscover your dreams and design a life of joy and satisfaction. Coaching brings support for a broad spectrum of situations, inspiring you to activate your dreams and highest intentions for yourself and your family.

Our first introduction is a complementary, informational meeting where I offer a description of the parent coaching model. Most coaching sessions are done over the telephone, but could be in person, at an agreed upon and convenient time for you. Each session is one hour in length.

We can design a coaching plan that best meets your individual needs and your family’s circumstances. In order to get full benefits of the parent coaching experience, I recommend 8 – 12 sessions over a two to three-month period.

Following each coaching session I will send you a written summary that reinforces what we discussed and may include practical resources and relevant information as well as positive suggestions.

PCI Certification

PCI-certified parent coaches have completed a comprehensive academic graduate level program through the Parent Coaching Institute in collaboration with Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, Washington. PCI is the only institute offering parent coaching certification in the country.