“It was my pleasure participating in Angie’s mentoring project, as I have always valued her wisdom and sage advice. She is the ideal parent mentor.”

“Having successfully raised a son with developmental disabilities, Angie understands special needs children and their families from an intimate perspective. Any parent would benefit greatly from having Angie as a coach and guide in raising their children to be healthy and happy.”

“Coaching helped me to better appreciate my greatest attributes, some I knew I had and others that I didn’t really view as strengths.”

“I learned that our family’s happiness is circular.”
“I developed a clearer picture of what I hope for and ideas about how to get there.”
“Coaching is about you and how you become a better, more equipped person at dealing with life’s phases/issues.”

“I have learned to make time for myself and make myself happy. It’s true, if Mom isn’t happy, nobody is happy.”

“I hope to keep these skills I have learned in place and focus on having a peaceful home. Angie has provided me with very useful material.”